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Write It Down, Get It Done: Journaling 101

Keeping a journal is something that I’ve done for years. It started when I was in art school and always had a sketchbook with me.…

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3 Reasons Why My Blogging is a Disaster

There are things that I want to say through this blog, and to some degree I’ve been starting to say them. But there are also…


Proof of Life Episode 3.26 Minimalism and Simplicity

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about having fewer things of better quality. They discuss the peace of mind that comes from not owning…

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Here’s an Update on My Exhaustion and Recovery

I wanted to give you an update on my exhaustion and recovery. It’s been not quite two months since I crashed and burned out. My…

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A Brief Update on My Current Reality

Here is a brief update on what’s going on with me right now. As I continue to find a better work/life balance and separate the…

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