Let’s Talk About Patreon… Again

This is something that I was going to write about over the upcoming 12 Days of Blogmas, but I feel forced into discussing it now. I’ve already dropped a few preliminary thoughts, but I was going to wait to say more until I had a solid plan. Things have changed, and there is drama, so […]

Creativity and the Rollins Principle

You start out making something because it’s fun to do. Great! Expressing your creativity is a worthwhile hobby. Putting something positive out into the world is a noble calling. Then you discover that you can make a little money doing it, which is fantastic, because it keeps you in coffee, journals, and art supplies. At […]

Blogging, Vlogging, and Social Media: An Interlude

For the past several days I have had no desire to write a blog post. There are other projects that I want to work on. I’d love to take a day or two and binge-watch something straight through. Hell, I’d be happy to sit in bed and read a book cover-to-cover. What I really want […]