Creative People in Flame Wars In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about creatives who publicly feud with other creatives, and what those sorts of ad hominem attacks say about the culture and the state of critical thinking in the zeitgeist. They also discuss a hypothetical venn diagram where circles labeled “icy weather” and “old injuries” overlap in a […]

Rogue Blogging in the Social Media Age

There was a time when blogging was my primary point of contact with the world. I’d write things, people would read them and comment, and discussions would take place. Then social media came along. Everyone flocked to Facebook and Twitter, and due to their convenience and ubiquity a lot of people refused to step outside […]

Social Media and Deep Work

Continuing my observations on the book Deep Work by Cal Newport, focusing on how your approach to social media impacts your productivity. The “any benefit” approach to social media justifies use based on the flimsiest potential advantages without weighting those gains against potential negatives. It doesn’t even acknowledge the negatives. You need to be looking […]

Berin’s Rules for Social Media

In seeking a way to balance staying in touch with friends, communicating with readers and customers, and maintaining a reasonable level of productivity, I’ve been working on guidelines for social media use. These are for both personal and professional use, recognizing that the nature of my life is such that the boundary between the two […]