About Those “100% Funded” Banners

My main hustle, Dancing Lights Press, has started running ads declaring various projects to be 100% funded. They're meant to evoke Kickstarter campaigns. The caveat, if you read the text, is that they don't need additional funds because they already exist. They're not crowdfunding projects at all. The tagline goes on to declare "No Risk. … Continue reading About Those “100% Funded” Banners

Topic: Worldbuilding and Related Posts

Worldbuilding: This topic is for posts about the creation of tabletop roleplaying games and the work I do as Dancing Lights Press. It's going to have more to do with my creative process and the use of the medium for self-expression than cliched nonsense about murder hobos and genre tropes. My focus is on worldbuilding … Continue reading Topic: Worldbuilding and Related Posts

Black Box Manifesto

by Daniel M. Perez Roleplaying games were originally introduced over forty years ago with simple rules that bridged tabletop miniature gaming with a kind of improvisational theater. They were produced as black-and-white paper pamphlets containing a few pieces of line art and sold for a fairly affordable price. Over time they have evolved into intricate … Continue reading Black Box Manifesto