Reality Checks and the Little Details

Last week I wrote about being sick and the resulting need to reevaluate priorities. The day job writing is going well, I think, and the novel is coming along. I’m still sick, though, probably as a result of the terrible weather we’ve been having. Little details are getting skipped, so that I have time to […]

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Where Do You Write the Most?

My wife Katie is an artist and educator, and I am a writer. We both work from home. Our one-bedroom apartment is comfortable, but small. This means that we don’t have dedicated work space. She’s taken over the living room, save for comfy chairs that face the TV. Consequently, that’s her studio. I’ve taken over […]

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Approaching Life as a Writer’s Retreat

Ever since we moved to Finland I’ve talked about approaching this time as a writer’s retreat. Of course, that’s when I expected that we’d be here for two years. By the time our current residence permit expires we’ll have been here for six, and we have every intention of staying forever if we can, so […]