Have a System to Capture Creative Ideas

If I had to give you just one piece of creative advice, it would be this: have a system to capture creative ideas. Write it down, look it over, and figure out how to use it. You will slowly make connections and have epiphanies that would never happen if you didn’t capture the information. Various […]

My Favorite Part of Work

A working writer does a lot more than just write. Every Monday morning is spent on accounting. At least a third of my time is spent editing, which is arguably a subset of writing, but it’s not adding words to a manuscript. Marketing is something I need to spend more time on, so I can […]

Let’s Hit Pause for a Moment

We interrupt today’s regularly scheduled blog post for a quick breather. As much as I’ve been enjoying daily blogging, the recent series exploring who I am and who I want to be is… a lot for me. It isn’t the workload. I’ve settled into a comfortable groove there. My schedule and my workspace are set […]