Taking a Break

My intention was always to blog through the holidays. After all, I’m still going to work on the novel every day, as well as plug away on deadlines for some paying work. The past few days have been beating me down, though. So I’m taking a break until 6 January. Things will pick up right where they left off then.

While I don’t want to lose any of the momentum I’ve built here, seasonal affective disorder finally caught up to me. Ironically I made it all the way to the solstice, when the days finally begin getting longer. All I want to do is sleep. I have no energy. It’s been a struggle to get through the day. This is before the extra energy that will be required to get through Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Before I burn myself out, I’m making a proactive decision. For the sake of my physical and mental health, some things are coming off my plate temporarily. That way I’ll be able to do the things I need and love to do, like cooking holiday meals and spending time with people I care about.

Taking a Break

Have a safe and happy holiday season, regardless of what or how you celebrate. Let’s meet up here in two weeks and we can catch up on what’s happening. See you in the 2020!

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