Talking About NOT Talking About PROJECT MUSHROOM

Today I’m talking about NOT talking about PROJECT MUSHROOM. This is one of the three major things I’m working on at this moment that I can’t discuss, for reasons. The other two are PROJECT ACORN (which I’ll talk about tomorrow) and PROJECT BEAUTY (which I’ll cover on Thursday.

What is Project Mushroom?

I must be a mushroom. They keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit.”


Project Mushroom is an opportunity for Katie and I to expand our respective creative businesses. There is a running theme in both our lives of being underestimated and taken for granted. The quote above, while seemingly cynical, is meant to convey the idea that no matter what, we will continue to grow.

Why Can’t You Talk About It?

There are other parties involved, and nothing has been finalized. Some version of Project Mushroom will come to fruition, but not knowing what the final outcome is going to look like means we shouldn’t make promises or set any expectations. Discussing too much in public could jeopardize elements of the project.

Why Are You Teasing Us, Then?

Since I stopped daily blogging at the beginning of this year, people have been asking if I’m okay. I’ve also been throwing myself into work, and not being particularly communicative. This is me saying I’m fine.

I also don’t want anyone to be blindsided when the big reveal finally happens. Yes, I’m intentionally building some suspense, but I’d rather let you know that something is coming, so that when it happens you’re not completely shocked.

When Can You Talk About It?

I should be able to tell you about it by mid-May. The reveal will likely happen in conjunction with PROJECT BEAUTY.

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