The One Self-Care Habit You Can’t Ignore


We all get busy. We all get stressed out. When we do, we often overlook aspects of our own basic management. Self-care takes on this aspirational shine, like it’s akin to pampering. It’s not a luxury. At least, it shouldn’t be. It’s what we need to do in order to be functional, happy, and healthy. I’ve found that there’s one self-care habit that you can’t ignore: staying hydrated.

So many people I know will not drink water. Setting aside genuine concerns about potability and safety, they complain about the taste. Purified water, bottled water, it doesn’t taste like anything. Seriously? It’s part of this consumerist mindset that everything needs to be entertaining. Gulp down sugar and chemicals by the score, as long as the experience is pleasurable, but skip an essential need because it’s not fun? I don’t understand people.

Does coffee dehydrate you? I’ve seen valid arguments for and against. I know that I, personally, get dry mouth when I don’t have at least one glass of water for every two cups of coffee I drink. Fatigue will set in no matter how much caffeine I’ve put down. I’ve just made it a habit to get water when I get coffee, and drink them both.

The One Self-Care Habit You Can’t Ignore

If I haven’t had enough water, I will feel it in my joints. My arthritis tends to flare more frequently when I’m not hydrated. I’ll notice dry skin, and generally feel more uncomfortable. This requires being in tune with your body. I have to say that meditation, as another regular habit, has helped with that. It’s helped me to listen to what my body is telling me, and to understand those signals.

At the very least, getting a drink of water is an excuse to get up and move around. Stretch your legs. Go for a short walk. Grab a drink. You will feel better. You will function better. When you start feeling thirsty, it’s already too late.

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