The Talk Show That Tortures Its Guests

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There shouldn’t be a need to talk about Hot Ones. Everyone should already know what it is. It’s the talk show that tortures its guests. The only reason I bring it up is because I recently did have to explain it to a few people people.

Hot Ones is on a food channel called First We Feast. The host, Sean Evans, has one guest per episode, and he’s a good interviewer. He doesn’t ask the same questions we’ve heard these people asked a hundred times before. Recent guests include Gordon Ramsay, Idris Elba, and Kristen Bell. This isn’t some guy’s YouTube channel where he interviews his friends and other YouTubers. This is quality content.

The Talk Show That Tortures Its Guests

The hook is that the host and the guest eat chicken wings throughout the interview. 10 questions, 10 wings. Eat a wing, answer a question. The twist is that the sauce on each wing gets progressively hotter. They show the Scoville units for each sauce on the screen.

It’s fun to see how far the guest go before they start to break. As the heat builds you can see them struggle to answer, and Sean never slows down or backs off. Some people do surprisingly well. Others try to act tough but break down before the halfway point. Everyone has their go-to method of dealing with the burn. There is always plenty of water and milk available, as well as napkins and the occasional bucket to throw up in.

It’s entertaining, and it’s different. The episodes are short, so it’s a fun way to kill a little bit of time when you need a break from the real world. In a world filled with mindless, cookie-cutter talk shows, this one’s creative. So far it’s managed to run for 9 seasons without getting stale, which is an achievement unto itself. All of the episodes, as I said, are on YouTube. Check it out.

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