There’s No Such Thing as Luck

This is for the folks in the back that still don’t get it. People in creative field, whether they’re writers, artists, or performers, do not become successful because they’re lucky. There is no such thing as luck. To say this implies that their hard work, dedication, years of practice, and overall hustle counts for nothing.

Most people who were in the right place at the right time were there be design. Few actors just stumbled into the perfect role that shot them into fame and fortune. They went to audition after audition after audition. Not many writers go from zero to New York Times bestselling author overnight. It may have taken them years to write the book, and rejection after rejection until a publisher took a chance on them. Artists, well, we still live in a world where collectors and speculators rule, and few are appreciated or find financial stability in their lifetime.

This is not to say the privilege doesn’t exist. That’s a whole other ballgame. Knowing the right people can open doors. Unless you’re related to someone with power, though, networking takes skill and effort. Many people get opportunities that others don’t, based on color, gender, religion, political affiliations, orientation, and identity. Even so, getting a foot in the door isn’t a guarantee. Staying in the room requires having talent, putting in the work, or at least appeasing the people that got you the shot. All of which is the opposite of luck.

There’s No Such Thing a Luck

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