They are the ideal consumers

People whose governing habit is the relinquishment of power, competence, and responsibility, and whose characteristic suffering is the anxiety of futility, make excellent spenders… They are the ideal consumers. By inducing in them little panics of boredom, powerlessness, sexual failure, mortality, paranoia, they can be made to buy (or vote for) virtually anything that is ‘attractively packaged.”

Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

They are the ideal consumers

People who don’t know how to cook frustrate me. Those who don’t know how to perform basic home repairs frustrate me. Masses who don’t know how to change a tire on a car frustrate me. Folks who never read books, or magazines, or even long articles on the internet frustrate me. They’re relinquishing their power.

Yes, sometimes you need expertise. Sometimes convenience is more than a treat, it’s a necessity. But every time you rely on other people to provide you with goods and services, you are relinquishing your power. Every time you succumb to advertising to buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t know, you’re relinquishing your power. When you outsource all expertise to other people, you relinquish your power.

Every time a meme sways your opinion or an influencer gets you to follow a trend or an advertisement convinces you to spend money, you are relinquishing your power.

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Berin Kinsman

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