Thriving in a World Gone Mad

In spite of everything, I’m going to look back at 2020 as one of my best years ever. Even though I had to reset my goals after the pandemic hit, I did manage to achieve nearly everything on my revised plan. Not only that, I’m proud of the work that I’ve done. It’s some of my best creative output to date. So let’s talk about what it means to be thriving in a world gone mad.

Some people that are having a good year will feel bad about it. I understand. So many people are struggling, out of work, demoralized, or in mourning. No one wants to be seen as one of the opportunistic pricks profiting off of this chaos and suffering. Or worse, to be thought of as one of the deranged assholes who continue to deny objective reality and act like all of this is normal.

The thing is, we have to survive. We’ve got to prepare ourselves for the next thing, and the thing after that, and the thing after that. I have no idea what comes next. All I’m certain about is that no government or corporation is going to come rushing to my rescue. I need to be thriving in a world gone mad because that’s the only way I can possibly be equipped, physically, mentally, and emotionally, for things I can’t even begin to anticipate.

Thriving in a World Gone Mad

We need to hold on to hope. Fighting to get ahead, and doing more than just get through this, shows that there is another path. I’m not saying it’s an easy one. All I want to do is show that we don’t have to give in to (gestures broadly) all of this. There used to be a lottery ad with the slogan “you can’t win if you don’t play”. The motto for 2020 should be “you can’t win if you don’t fight”. Even if you lose, you can be proud of the fact that you tried.

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