Time Block When Working on Writing Projects

Do you time block when working on writing projects? For those who don’t know what that means, time blocking is simply setting aside specific periods of time to do specific tasks. Think of it like being in school and having scheduled classes, except instead of math and history you have writing and household chores. A place for every task, and every task in its place.

Time Block When Working on Writing Projects

I do time block. Currently I have blocks set aside in the morning for blogging, accounting, and miscellaneous business tasks. The afternoon is all project writing for the business. In the evening I have a block of time for working on the novel.

For me, time blocking helps to ensure that I touch every project that I’m supposed to during the day. I tend to think I should spend all of my time on whatever I’ve convinced myself should be the top priority. I will spend 14 hours doing that, to the exclusion of everything else. Then I’ll feel guilty that I ignored all of those other things.

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  1. I think i may be constantly experimenting with task completion methods. I do time blocks for certain things that I really need to limit how long I work on them. One example is cleaning my house, i could spend hours doing that to the point of obsession. Instead I try to set a timer and get smaller tasks done and then move on.

    I’ve tried out batching tasks, so doing several projects all at once but one stage at a time. This means I spend a few hours outlining 3-4 blog posts, then I spend my next chunk of time drafting, then editing and then I schedule them. This works for me sometimes but I’m still figuring out what works and doesn’t work for this method.

    What I’m mainly using right now is a “top 3 checklist” each day I pick 3 things that I want to get done and put them on my bullet journal checklist. I will only add things to that list if I complete the first 3. I also have a top 3 list for each week as well since I want to have bigger goals to work towards. Good luck with your hard deadlines. Happy writing!

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