Today is Immigration Day

Today  we travel about 150 km (62 miles, for the Americans) for our meeting. Immigration day has arrived. It’s a two-hour train ride to get there, but we need to change part way with only  6 minute window between our arrival and the next train’s departure. We’ll arrive with about a half hour until our appointment. Then we’ll show out passports, someone will look at our paperwork, and that’s pretty much it. Grab lunch, get back on the train, repeat the process in reverse.

I do not resent the process. We are grateful to be here, and want to stay. It was easier when there was an office downtown, of course. But this is one day, and I will gladly trade it for even one more year in Finland.

Today is Immigration Day

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Berin Kinsman is a writer, game designer, and owner/publisher at Dancing Lights Press. An American by accident of birth, he currently lives in Finland with his wife, artist Katie Kinsman.

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