Today is My Birthday

This post was written in advance, because today is my birthday. I don’t want to spend it online. While I might get some writing done, it will be because I want to, not because I have to. As with the election a couple of weeks ago, I cleared the decks in advance so I can just take the day off and enjoy myself.

Not Pizza Friday

On a normal Friday, Katie and I would have breakfast and walk down to the grocery store. When we got back, I’d mix up a batch of pizza dough so it had time to proof. Then I’d make pizza for lunch. Afterward we’d both go to work straight through until bedtime, nibbling on snacks rather than having dinner because we’re still stuffed with homemade pizza.

Today we’re going shopping, but switching things up a bit. One of the grocery stores has a sushi bar. We’re going to get some and bring it home for lunch. I plan on spending the afternoon reading because Katie has an exhibition coming up and will want to get some work done. For dinner I’m making burgers. We rarely eat red meat these days, but it’s my birthday and it’s what I want. I’m going to sauté some mushrooms, peppers, and onions, and secure them to the top of the burger with melted gouda.

After dinner we’ll have princess cake. It’s a Nordic thing. Layers of sponge cake and pastry cream, topped with whipped cream, and then covered with a sheet of marzipan. In Finland they add a layer or two of raspberry jam. I like it. Sort of like Boston cream pie, but with almond instead of chocolate, and a layer or two of raspberry jam.

Movie Night

After dinner I will encourage Katie to  stop working and watch movies with me. I have no idea what I’ll put on. Whatever is in my Neflix or HBO Nordic queue that grabs me. Sitting to watch a 2-hour movie in one sitting is also a rarity for us. We may settle in and watch two.

As an aside, I noticed something interesting last week. In my Netflix queue, the menu says “films”. On Katie’s, it says “movies”. Do they know what a pretentious git of a film snob I am? I don’t know how they would. Not only is Netflix Nordic sorely lacking in terms of Criterion Collection-type indie and foreign films, most of my queue at this point is cheesy rom-com Christmas movies. The cheesier, the better. Yeah, wrestling and Hallmark/Lifetime type movies. They calm my anxiety-ridden brain.

Today is My Birthday

If you want to make my day, buy my books. I’m a minimalist, I don’t want presents. You could buy me a coffee if you want. What I really want is for you to have a great day! I’ll touch bae again tomorrow.

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