Who Are Your Current Top 5 Authors?

Who are your current top 5 authors? At this moment, the three Brontë sisters, Neal Stephenson, and David Mitchell. The former are because I’m slowly working my way through their complete canon as research for my own novel. I have been champing at the bit to read Stephenson’s latest, because he’s a longstanding favorite. Sadly I’m a couple of books behind on Mitchell.

This differs from my all-time favorites list, but honestly that needs to be reevaluated. I realized at some point that throughout my life the list has always been all white guys. Okay, at one point Alexander Dumas was up there (yes, the guy who wrote The Three Musketeers was a person of color). The epiphany after that is that I’ve always read mostly white guys.

The next five books on my to-read stack are works by Colson Whitehead, N.K. Jemisin, Susan Choi, Peng Shepherd, and Helen Oyeyemi. And I know, I know that list makes me sound like a poser. They’re all books that I saw on various lists of great recent novels, and they all sounded interesting. I didn’t intentionally select them because they’re people of color or women. All I’m looking for a good reads from authors I haven’t read before.

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