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Arts and Culture: This topic is for posts about books, music, film and television, and other forms of entertainment. It is also the place for visits to cultural events, trips to museums, and dining experiences. While it may contain opinions and recommendations, I wouldn’t classify any of these posts as reviews.

Is this where I plan to get a little bit pretentious? I don’t think so. The arts are important, and should be accessible to everyone. It’s not about being elitist, overly-educated (as if there is such a thing) or wealthy. Being able to appreciate quality things, be it fine art, performing arts, literature, or cuisine, requires more critical thinking than practical experience. We certainly need more of that in the world.

The reason I picked this as a core topic for the blog is a bit complex. It’s a shared interest that’s relatable. Even if we disagree on other things, we probably have some media in common. The books I like might not be the books you like, but hopefully we both like reading books. The same goes for listening to music, and watching TV and movies. It ought to be a grounded connection.


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