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Bullet Journal: This topic is for posts about bullet journaling, planning, and general productivity. There will be elements of minimalism thrown in, because I’m all about simplicity. Posts may also cross over with self-care, since I also use my bujo to manage my executive function disorder.

This isn’t going to be image-heavy, with a lot of walk-throughs and tutorials. I use my bullet journal for practical matters, not as an arts-and-craft project. Nothing against people who do. This topic is more for documenting best practices, things that have helped me in life, and related anecdotes.

The reason I picked this as a core topic for the blog is because it touches every aspect of my life. I run my business out of my bujo, and organize my life with it. It helps me to manage my physical and mental health. While it’s not the only productivity and planning tool I use, over time those other things have become intertwined with it. There’s a lot to talk about, on an ongoing basis.


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