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Self-Care: This topic is for posts about making time for yourself in a world filled with stress and unreasonable demands. Because I identify as a spoonie there will be posts related to that, managing mental health, and living a productive life in spite of physical limitations.

Don’t worry about this becoming a pity party. My focus is on what I do differently, how I manage to work around various limitations, and ways I’ve found to compensate for tasks I can’t do well anymore. It’s not about what I can’t do because… It’s a celebration of what I do in spite of

The reason I picked this as a core topic for the blog is because I’m a workaholic by nature. I need to consciously make an effort to slow down and make time for myself. It’s the counterbalance to productivity-related posts. I want to show that the success I have had in life hasn’t just come from working hard, but from taking time to rest, reflect, and move forward mindfully.


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