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Worldbuilding: This topic is for posts about the creation of tabletop roleplaying games and the work I do as Dancing Lights Press. It’s going to have more to do with my creative process and the use of the medium for self-expression than cliched nonsense about murder hobos and genre tropes.

My focus is on worldbuilding rather than roleplaying specifically because it’s a broader and more relatable topic. It’s for writers as much as tabletop gamers. I want the emphasis to be on the creative aspects, rather than mechanic, game theory, or the hobby itself. Plenty of other people have those angles covered.

The reason I picked this as a core topic for the blog is because it’s what I do for a living. Books that I write and publish have a strong emphasis on worldbuilding, not just for its own sake but in relation to characters and story. I have no end of opinions on the subject, so there will be plenty of material for me to work with.


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