There are Two Types of People in a Crisis

There are two types of people in a crisis: those who lay bare the fullness of their humanity, and those who expose their contemptible lack of it.

Protesters in Ohio demanding the governor reopen the state.
Joshua A. Bickel / Columbus Dispatch

I’m worried about my friends that are out of work and running low on resources. I know a lot of people with mental health issues that are struggling and unable to get help right now. A lot of my spoonie friends fall into the high-risk category because of their chronic physical illnesses; I want to punch the people that would willingly martyr the sick and disabled to the economy. Fascist much? I’m especially worried about my friends on the front lines of this, risking their own lives in order to save the zombies that can’t grasp how serious this is.

Two Types of People in a Crisis

This is the only blog post I’m going to make today. It’s 7:30 am local time, and after this I’m getting away from the internet and any other sources of news. I’m going to write, cook, and continue working my way through the works of the Bronte sisters. As I said yesterday, I can’t even enjoy wrestling as a mindless escape anymore.

The bottom line is that I’m depressed and angry. I’ve got adrenal fatigue from the latter, and that does nothing by feed the former. It’s not a matter of burying my head in the sand. This is me, taking a break so I can carry on tomorrow. This is going to go on for a long time, whether certain people are willing to accept that or not. You can’t force your ideology on a virus. It won’t go away if you ignore it — the United States tried that already. Today I need to rest and recharge so I can carry on again tomorrow.

The only way out is through, and the only way through is together.

April 15 2020: The Latest Information

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