Switching Between Typing and Hand Writing

How often do you switch between typing and hand writing? Never. I have arthritis in my dominant hand and can barely hold a pen. It’s good enough to sign my name or jot down notes in my bullet journal, but to fully write long-hand? That would be excruciatingly painful.

My assumption here is that typing means a laptop, not a typewriter. Because beyond saving my hands, a typewriter might as well be a yellow legal pad in terms of inefficiency and stilted work flow. I say bah to that as well. Bah!

Other than a few misguided romantics and the unreasonably pretentious, does anyone actually write novels by hand any more? Computers are so much easier to work with. All praise to the person who invented the backspace key. Hail the power of spellcheck! Hand writing things seems like more work, because someone is going to have to type it in, or scan it and correct it, at some point.

Typing and Hand Writing

On some level I get the appeal. It’s the difference between curling up with a real, ink-and-paper book and a tablet. There’s a whole mood. As a full-time writer I have to come at the issue from the perspective of deadlines and economics, though. I need speed. The process has to be efficient. Typing wins.

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