Understanding Why We Create, Part 1

In today’s podcast Katie and I begin a discussion of our respective creative processes. This isn’t what we originally planned to talk about, but we started the episode announcing that Katie was relaunching her blog. This led to her explaining why she was coming back to it after two years, and that naturally evolved into a larger conversation. This is why I love doing this podcast.

Journal: Monday, 13 February 2017

It’s Monday morning, time to embrace the work ethic, get into the flow state, and get things done. I have a simple list, clear project plans, and more than enough motivation. I’m coming off of the weekend well-rested and finally over whatever cold grabbed onto me in early January and wouldn’t let go.

Gratitude: Focus on the Positive

One of the reasons I’m happy that our podcast conversation got derailed from the original topic is that is shifted our focus to something more positive. Rather than continue to fall down the rabbit hole of current events, we’re both deeply into our respective projects. These are things that are within our control, make us feel that we have some control, and give us hope for the future. We’re still remaining informed about what’s going on the world, and fighting the fight as necessary, but we aren’t allowing it to overwhelm our lives and crush our souls.

Big Picture Goal: Finnish Residence

If there’s one filter that every action and decision needs to be fed through right now, it’s this: Does this help us to stay in Finland? For Katie, that means finishing her Master’s thesis and putting together her Ph.D. proposal. For me, that’s expanding the business and improving my Finnish language skills. Anything that isn’t a day-to-day necessity or contributes to our physical and mental health has to be low priority. This is why I create, for the moment.

Today’s Targets: Move Things Forward

The idea behind keeping this journal is to better visualize what needs to be done, generate ideas to help with my own productivity, and to share things publicly that will help to keep me accountable. The first target for the day, then, is to complete this journal entry. Mission accomplished.

The second target is to put a publishing project to be. I’m at the “I’m ready for this to be over with so I can move on to the next thing” stage with this one. The last bits of layout and sales copy will be completed by the end of the day.

The third and final target is to practice my Finnish. Right now I’m focused on vocabulary and pronunciation. I need to listen to recordings of specific words, vowel sounds, and letter combinations over and over and over until I fully understand how they’re supposed to sound. At some point later in the week I want to sit down and record myself, so I can listen to myself and make corrections, but that’s not today. I’m also working on learning more vocabulary, using a children’s book, because I’m tired of not knowing the word for this or that.

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Today’s Dashboard

Yesterday’s Word Count: 2335
Month-to-Date Word Count: 41230
Year-to-Date Word Count: 148588
Average Daily Word Count YTD: 3456

Background Music: Puzzling Evidence

Every week I download the newest episode of the Puzzling Evidence program, and most weeks I get to listen to it. I listen to the newest episode first, then go back to catch episodes I’ve missed. There are 30 episodes in my unheard queue stretching back to March 2016. I can listen to nothing but this all week and still have a backlog.

What I love about this show is that it’s noise and nonsense. Most episodes have three members of the old-guard Church of the Subgenius talking over movies, music, callers, and each others. Somehow that aids my flow state and lets me get work done.

Latest Release: Story Design: The Obsession

Volume 18 of the series was released on Friday, and for a while it was #1 on the Hottest Small Press list! It’s on track to be a best seller within the first week of release, as is the pattern with most Dancing Lights Press titles (not-so-humblebrag).

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