UNQUALIFIED Episode 1: Unqualified

Hello and welcome to UNQUALIFIED, a podcast about minimalism, defiance, and inner peace. I’m your host, Berin Kinsman, and today in UNQUALIFIED Episode 1 we’re going to start with a meta discussion about this podcast itself. I want to explain what I’m doing here, and why I’m doing it. You’ll learn why I titled this UNQUALIFIED, how I define minimalism, and what defiance and inner peace have to do with anything.

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UNQUALIFIED Episode 1: Unqualified

UNQUALIFIED with Berin Kinsman is a podcast about minimalism, defiance, and inner peace. Not all minimalists are Steve Jobs cosplayers in black shirts, mommy vloggers, or decluttering fetishists. There’s nothing wrong with those niches, but that ain’t me and it’s probably not you, either. I want to tell you about my experiences in living with less, offer up food for thought on why you should consider a minimalist life, and encourage you to be mindful about your relationship to the world around you. New episodes released weekly, blissfully concise at around 10 minutes each.

Berin Kinsman is a writer and simple living minimalist. He currently resides in a shared studio space with his wife, the arts educator Katie Kinsman.

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