Why Upcoming Posts May Seem Disconnected

As I am writing this it is 11 am Eastern European Summer time on the first of September 2020. Yesterday was physically and emotionally exhausting, and I am punchy. I am not just exhausted, I have transcended to become Exhaustion, the Demigod of Lassitude and Collapse. So, uh, yeah, I just wanted to let you know that upcoming posts may seem a bit disconnected from day-to-day reality.

I’m going to spend more time away from the internet this month. Somehow I need to finish four 96-page books in the next three weeks (all written, need editing, layout, and sales copy) so I have time for neither tragedy nor nonsense. It will require all of my spoons, so the firehose of hate, despair, and ignorance needs to be turned off.

Earlier this morning I had to experience the cognitive dissonance of everything from:

  1.  ideological-driven justifications for cold-blooded murder, to
  2. the presentation of ridiculous and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories as a sound basis for public policy, to
  3. a new round of people claiming that it’s not a copyright violation if you don’t charge money for the intellectual property you don’t own but feel entitled to give away.

This bullshit is very jarring to see, for those of use that live in objective, fact-based reality.


Expect that most posts are going to be written in advance. I’m trying to set aside one day a week to knock out a week’s worth of posts at at time. This means they won’t be related to anything going on in the world, not just because they were scheduled in advance, but because I’m unplugged from the current hellscape zeitgeist.


Why Upcoming Posts May Seem Disconnected

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