Our Plans For US Election Day 2020

We’re less than two weeks away from US election day 2020, and Katie and I have made our plans. Neither of us want to be anywhere near live media. No TV, no radio, no internet. When the results are finalized, we’ll deal with whatever we need to deal with. Until then, it’s going to be nothing but idiocy and angst. At best there will be shenanigans. At worst, violence in the streets.

Eastern Europe in the in future relative to America. We’re 7 hours ahead of New York and 10 hours ahead of Los Angeles. That means when the polls open on the East Coast at 7am Tuesday, it will already be 2pm here. By the time they close around 7pm on the West Cost, it will be 5am Wednesday morning for us.

So after lunch on Tuesday we’re turning off the router and going grocery shopping. We might stop at a cafĂ© and chat about anything other than politics. After we get home we’ll put on music. Katie will make art, I will write and read, and we will pointedly ignore the world.

For Wednesday we considered stocking up on junk food and binge-watching a TV show. As that’s not particularly healthy, and we will be in a position where we’re tempted to look, or could accidentally see some headline or soundbite that pulls us in, we’ve decided against it. After breakfast we’re heading out. Taking a bus to the far side of town. An area we rarely get to because it takes so long to get there and back. We’ll wander some nice shops, have lunch, and make a day of it.

When we get back, we’ll put on music, make art, read, and ignore the world.

Thursday I will need to be back to work, and there is plenty to keep my occupied through Friday. Even if we see some news, I will be too busy to focus on any of it.

By the time we allow ourselves to really look at anything election-related, it will be the weekend. Hopefully some of the hyperbole will have died down, and there will be some fact-based information available. European news and other trusted sources will have some grounded analysis. We’ll deal with it then.

Our Plans For US Election Day 2020

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