Relocation Update

Our planned move to a new apartment has hit some snags, and has left us in a tough position. We need help. 

The Original Plan

Katie and I have been diligently saving to move into a new apartment that would essentially be our shared studio space. This is where we would live and work. She’s an artist and art teacher, I’m a writer, game designer, and lo-fi publisher.

Concurrent with the move, we were planning to buy a new laptop to replace her decade-plus-old one. Nothing extravagant, just a basic $400-$500 utilitarian machine. We wanted to get a new video camera to replace the old one that just died, and a very basic audio recording rig. This equipment would allow us to produce basic YouTube videos and podcasts. That would help us to grow our respective businesses, and possibly create new sources of income for us.

There were other benefits to the new place, of course, including having a safe address for package delivery, which impacts both our businesses, and having some peace of mind as regards our ongoing stalker situation.

What Went Wrong

After we gave notice to our current landlord, two things happened. First, Katie started having tooth pain. We though it was just an old filling that needed to be replaced. She actually needed a root canal and a crown. That instantly cut into our budget, took several planned things off the table, and caused us to put off some things until later this year or sometime next year. Disappointing, but we could live with that.

Then, for various reasons that are both ridiculous and galling, our new place isn’t going to be available when we need it to be. Since we’re already committed to being out of here by a certain date, we can’t stay put. This means we will be living in the cheapest hotel we can find for what could be an extended period of time. That’s going to chew through our budget for this move, and likely leave us without any savings. If it goes on too long and we run out of money… you get the picture.

To complicate all of this, we have the stalker. For the sake of safety and security, we need to be vague about when we’re moving and where we’re moving to. That makes asking for more specific help incredibly difficult, and makes me even angrier at the damned stalker.

How You Can Help

What we need is money, which is going to go toward keeping some sort of roof over our heads while we sort our long-term living arrangements. We’re not setting up a GoFundMe account, or asking you to give us something for nothing. What we’d rather do is ask you to support our businesses, and help us to spread the word.

If you’ve ever considered buying any of Katie’s artwork, please do so now. If you’ve enjoyed her blog and Instagram posts about creativity and life as an artist, please support her by buying some art. Share her site, her post, this post, with anyone you feel might be interested in the unique and colorful creations she makes. Note that Katie’s shop is shutting down on the 12th, because we need to pack and ship her artwork to a temporary location for safekeeping while we sort all of this out.

If you’ve ever considered buying any of my books, please do so now. Let any aspiring writers, game designers, and gamemasters know about the system-agnostic creative aids that I publish, as well as the games I’ve written. Share my DriveThruRPG page, my business site, this post, anything to help spread the words.

If you want to make a donation to the cause, well, it’s not what we’re asking but we will appreciate it. If you enjoy our blog posts, or Katie’s Instagram, and want to tip us but don’t want to buy art or books, this is an option. We have the Ko-fi account set up, which passes money directly to our PayPal account without taking any fees from you or us.

What Happens Next

We try to resolve our housing situation as quickly as possible. With any luck, we will be able to get into our new place, even if it wasn’t where were originally planned to go, within a few days of moving out of here. If fortune favors us, and we don’t have to use the money on a hotel room, we can return to the original plan and get some of the things we need to grow the business. Either way. we will keep you informed via this page, our twitter accounts, and Katie’s blog and Insta.

Thank you for your support
Berin and Katie

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