Relocation Update: 7 June

Update for 7 June: You can go read the original post if you want, but I’ll recap here. At the moment I’m not in the throes of an anxiety attack, so hopefully this is more concise:

  • We have the money to get a new apartment.
  • There are no apartments available to rent.
  • We will living be in a hotel until we find one (or run out of money).

All of the other issues from the original post are off the table. Katie’s dental work is paid for thanks to a generous friend. She’s getting a new laptop thanks to another generous friend. I can’t even worry about AV equipment at this point. All I care about is not becoming homeless.

This is not an issue of needing money for an apartment. We have enough money to cover first month’s rent, last month’s rent, security deposit equal to one month’s rent, and any utility deposits, fees, bribes, and other costs. There’s even a modest budget to buy new furniture and décor for the new place. This wasn’t a seat-of-our pants operation. We planned and saved for this.

The issue is that there is no housing in our price range available until September at the earliest. There may be other possibilities, but after a year where most of us figured out how to do business over Zoom and use online payment services, some people still only handle things face-to-face.

So we will be living in the cheapest hotel we can find, until either an apartment opens up or we run out of money and become homeless. What an amazing world we live in (I can be sarcastic or I can cry, let me have my moment).

But What About…

Again, I can’t answer specific questions about where we’re moving to because of a stalker issue. Even posting this much is opening us up to possible harassment. Trust me, I’d love to say where we’re going so we could network better. We do have someone on the ground that can do some things for us on that end. That has helped immensely.

But getting where we’re going and having the wrong person waiting for us would make things far, far worse than they already are. This asshole is a stress multiplier. May Mr. Rogers forgive me but I hate this stalker with every bone in my body for making this so much harder.

How You Can Help

Unless you have a place you can rent to us, pretty much all you can do is help us throw money at a hotel while we continue to look.


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