We Should All Know Right From Wrong

We should all know right from wrong. I think most of us do understand the difference. Attempts to rationalize or justify things that we know to be illegal, unethical, or immoral have more to do with selfishness and a desire to inflict cruelty than a belief that a deed is actually acceptable.

Lies. Harassment. Bullying. Sexual misconduct. Lies. Sexual assault. Illegal airstrikes. Tax evasion. Lies. Misogyny. Racism. White supremacy. Homophobia. Transphobia. Xenophobia. Lies. Obstruction of justice. Hush money. Lies. Fraud. Witness intimidation. Voter intimidation. Bigotry. Conspiracy theories. Leaking secrets to the enemy. Lies No disaster response. Perjury. Emoluments violations. No pandemic response. Family separation. Kids in cages. Lies Gross negligence. Incitement of violence. Nepotism. Media attacks. Lies. No particular order here. Many of these behaviors repeat, some daily.

You can make the effort to excuse some or even most of these things. Hand-wave the bulk of them away. When you take in the whole onslaught, and start to see the patterns, it gets harder to believe that this could in any way be good, or just, or kind. We should all know right from wrong.

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