What is Simple Living Minimalism?

Simple living minimalism. It’s not a competition. It isn’t part of a passing fad. The point is to live a comfortable, uncomplicated, and sustainable life.

When people hear that I’m a minimalist, they make all manner of assumptions. They think I’m one of those extremists that only want to own 100 things, or whatever arbitrary number was plucked from the air. Or they assume that I’m one of those people that periodically throws everything they own into a great big pile in the middle of the room, throwing out anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. A few guess that it has something to do with me being Buddhist, or Amish, and while that’s closer, it’s not 100% accurate either.

In short, I want to be able to move freely through my apartment without tripping over clutter. I don’t want to have to dust things, or move things to get to other things. I don’t want to pay to store things that I never use or look at. Simple living minimalism, then, is just a combination of using common sense and critical thinking skills.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do you really need that, whatever that may be? Heck, do you even actually want it, or are you tempted by the endorphin rush of the shopping hunt?
  • Will it make your life easier in the long run? Think beyond the immediate. How often will you use it? Where are you going to put it? How long will you be paying it off?
  • What unspoken commitments are you making? Books and  streaming service don’t come with the time to read and watch then. What will you spend on cleaning and maintenance?
  • What’s the bigger impact? Where does the packaging waste end up? Where will the thing end up when it wears out, or breaks, or you get bored with it? Is this really a solution, or a new problem?
  • How do this contribute to building the life you actually want? This applies to material objects, jobs, relationships, hobbies, and anything that uses up finite resources.

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