What Writing Goal Do You Want to Accomplish in 2020?

Lately I’ve talked a lot about my writing goal. Rather than repeating the same answer, let me break it down further, to an emotional level. People beyond my current publishing niche will recognize me as a writer  by the end of the coming year . Whether or not I sell a novel or end up with a successful blog, I want perceptions of me to have changed. It’s not even that I want people to think that I’m brilliant, or to amass fame and fortune. I simply want to be taken seriously.

This is not to disparage the writing that I currently do for a living. I’m not looking to insult the people who read it and enjoy it. I wouldn’t be in the field if I didn’t harbor a love for it. I’m capable of more than that particular niche, however. That category has limitations, both creatively and financially. That form, that market, and that audience don’t support some of the things I want to write. Making a living in that category is possible, as I’ve proven, but it isn’t easy or particularly fun.

I’m not trying to be pretentious. I don’t think I’m better that I actually am, and acknowledge my own limitations. That doesn’t mean that I can’t strive to be a better writer, or to do things beyond what I’ve already done. It certainly doesn’t mean that I can’t explore other interest, or try things beyond the field I’m most familiar with. I have been tired of being typecast as one thing for the past decade. The difference is that now, I have a plan to do something about it.

What Writing Goal Do You Want to Accomplish in 2020?

Okay reader, let’s hear about your writing goals for next year. You don’t have to be a participant in The Merry Writer game to play along here!

The Merry Writer is a writer’s game on Twitter run by Ari Meghlen (@arimeghlen) and Rachel Poli (@RPoli3). Each day there’s a new question, and each month there’s a new theme. In these posts I expand upon the answers that I’ve posted on my Twitter.

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