Where’s the First Place You’re Going Out to Eat?

Where’s the first place you’re going out to eat, whenever this ends? For Katie and I, it will probably be a bakery cafe. A quiet place to sit and have a cup of coffee and a pastry. To be pragmatic about it, though, my answer has to be “nowhere”. It’s going to be a long time before I voluntarily set foot inside a restaurant.

As soon as restrictions are lifted, there will be people rushing to restaurants. I’m not going to feel safe in crowds until a vaccine has been widely distributed and experts affirm that there’s herd immunity in place. The people with no qualms about going out at the first possible opportunity aren’t the kind of people I’m inclined to trust with taking proper precautions.

There’s also the fact that our favorite places are buffets. A lot of restaurants in Finland are buffets. There’s a Thai place that we love. We hit a pizza buffet a lot, because they have great wings and a decent salad bar. Can you imaging going anywhere near food that might have been breathed on by random people now? Even the though of touching tongs or a serving spoon that’s been handled by strangers is a terrible, terrible idea.

Where’s the First Place You’re Going Out to Eat?

The closest thing we’ve discussed is checking out a nearby bakery cafe the next time we head out for groceries. We know that the dining room won’t be open. They probably won’t have any sort of take-out available. They’re also a bakery, though, with packaged products. In order to support them, we might buy a sealed box of pastries or a wrapped-up loaf of bread.

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  1. I was talking with my wife about this the other day as well, and my answer was very similar to yours. I want to go to a restaurant again, but I’m probably gonna wait a bit, let the initial rush pass, just in case.

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