Why We Create: To Save Our Sanity

“Art has always been the raft on to which we climb to save our sanity.”

Dorothea Tanning, Salon, 2002

My wife Katie frequently states that for her, art is therapy. It is how she both escapes the world and processes it. All of her work is personal, even the dolls that people think are just cute little tchotchkes.

For me it is about self-expression and creativity, but on another level it is the thing I can do. Since the 2009 economic crisis, across my life in Finland, and through the current pandemic, I have not had to worry about finding a job, being laid off, or suffering the abuses of corporate overlords.

While I do have to worry about having enough spoons, how I use them is within my control. No one is telling me that I have to be at my desk and functional by 8 am, Monday through Friday. If I am, great. If I’m not, I rearrange things. The work still gets done, but it’s completed as I’m able.

This takes a lot of emotional strain off of me. Which means that it’s also managing my anxiety disorders. If you want to talk about taking steps to save our sanity, that’s what being a professional creative is for me.

To Save Our Sanity

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