Why We Never See Time Travelers

I’ve figured out why we never see time travelers.

For the past several days Katie has been trying to track down a stock number. For reasons that I won’t go into, she’s trying to find esoteric information on a product that hasn’t been manufactured in around 70 years. The company that made it went under over 60 years ago. No antiques dealer seems to have this information. There are no catalogs to refer to. The existing examples of this item have no stock number stamped on them, and no original packaging appears to have survived the decades.

The reason we don’t bump into time travelers is because they’re not going back in time to kill Hitler. They aren’t trying to be in the room to see what really happened during some historic event. No. They’re obsessive-compulsive researchers trying to track down esoteric information on extremely niche collectibles that no one else would ever care about. The things they want to discover have such a small footprint on history that if there were ripples and changes to the timeline, it would be next to impossible to notice.

Why We Never See Time Travelers

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