Interlude: Within Our Control

There are things that are within our control, and things that aren’t. Most of what’s going on in the world is far beyond my sphere of influence. What I can do is take care of myself, my wife, and as much as is possible, my friends. When I begin to have panic attacks about current events, it’s within my power to stop, breathe, write, and center myself.

Yesterday I began to get into this new flow. The weather was relatively warm (8°C, 46°F – I live in Finland, trust me, this is warm). The sun was beating in, making it even warmer. So I opened the doors and windows for a bit. Between the breeze and the silence, it was a perfect environment to concentrate and lay down some word count.

I haven’t been tracking word count, or pages, because what I’m doing now is mostly editing and rewrites. In a few days when I’m back to creating “original” word count, I’ll start marking the daily total on my “break the chain” calendar. The sense of satisfaction the comes from doing both quantity and quality is immeasurable, though.

Within Our Control

  • This week I am not posting about anything that happens beyond the walls of my apartment.
  • I am checking email and Twitter DMs twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner EEST (UTC +3).
  • The majority of my time is spent writing and reading.
  • Current work in progress: DoubleZero
  • Currently reading: Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë
  • Currently watching: NWA Powerrr and AEW Dark. Both painfully short at 24 minutes and 16 minute respectively. The former is a single (but good) match from a “lost episode”, filmed before the pandemic shut everything down. They had to shelve it because the storylines all build to a pay-per-view event that’s not going to happen. The latter is okay, but kind of forced. The whole point of Dark is to put “dark matches”, the ones used to warm up crowds before the televised show, on YouTube for fans. With no live audience it seems sort of pointless, even if the matches are entertaining.
  • Today is Day 37 in isolation.

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