Why I Write Reason 29: I Can Work From Home

Successful entrepreneurs don’t work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. With apologies to Tim Ferriss, whom I find alternately inspirational and annoying, most entrepreneurs can’t pull off a 4-hour workweek. That might be a goal, someday, when things are up and running, That assumes you’re setting up a turnkey operation, though, a business that essentially runs itself with minimal maintenance. It assumes that the person isn’t a serial entrepreneur, which is what a writer is when it comes down to it — when I’ve finished writing one project, it’s on to the next one.

There are too many things to do, most of which you’re doing yourself. You don’t have the budget to hire other people to do it. Even if you’ve got editors, proofreaders, and layout people making your ebook pretty, you’re likely doing your own sales and marketing. I work for myself from metaphorical sunrise to sunset in order to avoid working 9-to-5 for someone else. So one of the reasons I write is because I can work from home.

Throw the notions of working in the comfort of your sweatpants, only showering and shaving when you get around to it, out the window. As an entrepreneur, I work from home because it saves time and money. I don’t have a daily commute. There’s not additional rent for an office. I don’t have to buy another desk, another chair, and another coffee maker. There’s not second set of utility bills. That’s why I can run a business with small margins and turn a modest profit.

While it can be a challenge because in theory I’m always at work, there are a lot of advantages. If I’m tired, or not feeling well, I can go lay down in my own bed and take a nap. I can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my own kitchen. Since my wife Katie also works from home, I see more of her and get to spend more quality time with her than if I had a job somewhere else. Working from home means that I can put in the number of hours necessary to make a go of it as a writer, while maintaining that elusive “work-life” balance.

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