Write a Best-Seller or Live in a Fictional World

Would you rather write a best-seller, or live in the fictional world of your favorite book? I’d rather have the runaway best-seller, preferably optioned for film or television. That way I can create my own idealized world. Twice.

Yes, twice. First, I’m assuming that the best-seller will be set in a world of my creation. Not some licensed property, or an amalgam of what the market seems to want. No “moneyball wordlbuilding” to get that best-seller status. It’s the book that I truly wanted to write.

Second, since we’re playing a wish-fulfillment game, I’m assuming that said best-seller status comes with a substantial amount of money. The kind where I can, to some degree, make over reality to suit my tastes. Buy the house I want, decorated the way I want it. Be free to travel. Have the ability to turn down gigs and do as I please. That’s the world I want to live in.

If I had chosen to live in the world of a favorite book, would I get to choose who I get to be? Do I have to be the protagonist? Will I be relegated to the role of a background character?  A lot of my favorite books are filled with danger and heartache. Why would I subject myself to that? No. Just… no.

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