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Write Outside When You Can

Do you write outside when you can? I do not. When I’m writing I need to focus, and the Great Outdoors presents too many variables beyond my control. From the sun shining in my eyes or onto my screen, to wind and weather, to myriad issues presented by passers-by, it only causes me stress.

Write Outside When You Can

That said, I would like to be able to sit on my patio once in a while and write. The door is literally next to my desk, so it would mean carrying my laptop about three steps. If things got too distracting I could easily come back inside. The notion of setting some fresh air without actually leaving the flat is pleasant. Unfortunately the neighbors above me are devout lung cancer afficionados, and when the weather is nice they tend to sit outside and chain smoke all day. I can’t even open the door to let in a breeze.

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