Why I Write Reason 10: I Love Early Mornings

My love of late nights is something that I’ve written about before. Because I’m an insomniac I don’t always sleep on a regular schedule, so I also love early mornings. There are a lot of the same characteristics. The quiet, the solitude, the peaceful vibe. Mornings have their own magic. Writing gives me an excuse to get up before dawn. I write because I love early mornings.

What makes mornings special is the unexplored potential. At night, I know how the day has gone. I’m often up doing damage control before I go to bed, or playing catch-up on things I didn’t get to. I end up trying to redeem a day that went horribly awry. It’s a way of getting in the last word.

In the morning, I’m taking control and setting the tone for everything that follows. If I want it to be a casual day, I can slow my pace, sip some coffee, and take my time. If I need to hit the ground running and grind, I come flying out of the gate. I get more done in the hours before most people are even out of bed than those people will get done all day. When I want to be in a good mood, I spend the first couple of hours cultivating that. Get the tone of the day established before anyone else can ruin it. If I need to be the scary, no-nonsense guy, I have time to build the mental fortitude for that. Then I have the momentum to plow through people who think they can stand in my way.

Mostly, though, I like to take as long as I need to wake up, putter around, and ease into things. Have an extra cup of coffee before getting into the grind. Take a little extra care answering some emails. Work on some passion projects without worrying that it’s cutting into paid writing time. Watch the sun rise. Appreciate that I get to do something that I love for a living.

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