Why I Write Reason 16: I Want to Help the World

This is going to sound arrogant to some people, but I hope that you’ll allow me to explain. I write because I want to help the world. I know that I’m not curing cancer or bringing about lasting peace in the Middle East, so don’t go there. I know that what I do isn’t particularly earth-shaking or important work. Yet in small ways, I get to help individuals. What I put out into the world is useful to some people. It makes life a little bit easier for them. My writing adds some positive energy to an increasingly negative world.

Most of the things that I write are geared toward helping people tell stories. It doesn’t matter if they’re writing fiction or playing tabletop games. I focus on structure so that they can focus on the ideas and the emotions and the big picture concepts. Stories, after all, are the life’s blood of the world. They are a way to connect with other people. They help us to learn. Stories can sway elections. They have incredible power.

This is an aspect of why I write that I’m only beginning to explore. I don’t think I have embraced it before due to that fear of coming across as self-important or arrogant. It’s warped and distorted to feel that saying I want to help is a bad thing. Even when, in all humility, I acknowledge that my contributions are small.

Yet I also feel that it’s important to brag about my successes, to show people that things are possible. I’m not saying that it’s easy, or that your own success is guaranteed. I think it does help to know that people who have struggled, put in the work, and stuck with it can succeed. I keep writing to remind people of that. I think that it’s helpful to let people know that I still struggle. I still have to work hard, and every new book is still a huge risk. I could fall on my face at any moment. That grounding in reality is something a lot of people need to hear.

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