Why I Write Reason 19: It Connects Me with People

When you buy one of my books, something I created is in your home. It’s on your laptop, your tablet, your phone. You may not know anything about me beyond what I wrote in that book. I’ll likely never know anything about you, because I can’t see who reads every book. But we’re connected now.

If you run a game that I’ve written, or you’ve used any of my writing advice to create your own stories, and you’ve shared them with other people, you’ve connected me with them. They’ll never know who I am, unless you tell them they something I wrote influenced you, and once again I’ll never know about it, but there it is. In small, subtle ways, I’ve influenced something.

I don’t mean that to sound as if it’s deep or profound or spiritually moving. It’s just the way the world is. We’re all invisibly connected on some level, and it’s nice to remember that sometimes.

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