Why I Write Reason 22: It Keeps Me Learning

Being informed is a quality of life issue. I like to know the facts about what’s happening in the world, especially if it might affect people I care about. Having the critical thinking skills to separate fact from fiction makes it harder for people to manipulate and control me. Being able to make informed decisions makes life easier in more ways than I can begin to count. One of the reasons I write is because it keeps me learning.

The cliche says that you should write what you know. The more you know, the more you have to write about. Even if you stick to topics where you’re arguably a subject matter expert, you’re going to need to check your facts. Everything, whether it’s within your field or not, will require research. To write means to read, and to read means to learn.

Yet that’s backwards. The act of writing often takes you in unexpected directions, to startling places. You need to learn about them. When you’re trying to express yourself, but the words won’t come, you can look at what other people have written, and how they’ve approached the situation. I don’t learn things so that I can write. I write because it continually challenges me to learn new things.

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