Why I Write Reason 24: I Want to Influence People

There are problems in the world that could be eradicated if more people would change there minds about a few basic things. At the root of everything, I want people to spend more time reading and less time watching things. It doesn’t matter what you read, just read. If you don’t think you like reading, you haven’t found what you enjoy reading, so keep looking. If you have difficulty reading, I mean no offense, but I hope you can get some sort of assistance to make it a little easier for you. People who read, as I have noted before, are better informed and more compassionate. Knowledge and compassion are what we need to fix just about everything you can imagine.

Everyone is capable of being creative, and everyone can tell stories. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write. You don’t need to show what you’ve written to anyone else in order for it to enrich your life. By helping people to tell stories, whether it’s in a short story or a screenplay or in a tabletop roleplaying game, I hope to get more people embracing the written word. People who write, read. People who read gain knowledge and compassion. Knowledge and compassion save the world.

That’s why I write about writing. I encourage people in every way that I can to write. I do everything possible to show people easier ways to tell stories. I want to influence people to save the world, using the simplest, most basic method I can think of. My hope is that they’ll share the stories they love, the ones they’ve read and the ones they’ve written, and get other people excited. I want to see everyone with their nose in a book, and scribbling in a journal, or banging on a keyboard. Then I want them to make better decisions, and help other people, and exercise kindness.

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