Why I Write Reason 25: I Enjoy It

Writing is just fun. What’s not to like? I get to make things up, and use those made-up things to express my feelings and opinions. If I want to be silly, I can be silly. When I need to get things off my chest, I can rant. I can be cheeky and slip in things that will only be meaningful to me and fly right on past most readers. I write because I enjoy it.

One of the reasons I’m a devoted adherent of the outline is that it scratches an itch to organize things. If you’re a person who has a place for everything and needs everything in its place, you get it. Working through the outline, and meeting my daily word count, also addresses that same urge as checking things off a to-do list. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that I get.

While I’m not a writer that engages in a lot of clever wordplay, I do like being able to use the full range of my vocabulary. Words are fun. If I find myself repeating the same word throughout a piece, I get to play with the thesaurus, and that’s fun. Depending upon the topic I’m writing about, I get to do research. You might think I’m strange, but I think research is fun! I get to read things! I get to learn things!

Writing is something I get to do while sitting in a comfy chair, often with a fresh, hot cup of coffee at my side, and once in a while with some kick-ass music playing in the background. Seriously, it’s a good gig. If you can’t find a way to enjoy it, you’re either not a writer or you’re doing it wrong.

That’s not to say that it isn’t work. It takes long hours and a lot of sacrifices to make a living in any creative field. The competition and the rejection and the reviews can be brutal on your self-esteem. But it’s work that I enjoy, and there’s nothing in the world that’s entirely painless. I give thanks every day that I get to be a writer.

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