Why I Write Reason 3: I Don’t Want to Manage People

As I sit here in my kitchen, at the table, banging away on my laptop, I am accountable to no one. No one I telling me to work. I have to be self-motivated. At the same time, there’s no one that accountable to me. I don’t have to clear obstacles so people can do their jobs, or hover to make sure that they’re working. There’s no one to discipline and thus no one to fire. I write because I don’t want to manage people.
A large part of the “corporate era” of my life was performance coaching, and for the most part I loved it. When you have good employees, people who want to do a good job, it’s a joy to help them. To the best of my ability, I would make sure that they had the resources that they needed. I kept distractions away from them so they could concentrate. They got regular, positive feedback. There was training on issues they needed help with, and all the support that I could find. The job, after all, was about them, not me. I was there to help.
Unfortunately, the corporate overlords had their own goals. I had to explain to people who had never done the job why workers couldn’t meet their unrealistic metrics. Why couldn’t these people hit goals based on the company’s financial needs? What did I mean, they were asking for performance beyond actual human capabilities? Oh, and we need to cut the labor force, so find reasons to let some people go for cause. Then we don’t have to pay severance or unemployment
No names named, because they’d deny that anything like that went on. To this day they’ll try to sell you on what a fabulous company they are to work for. It happens everywhere, though, and everyone knows it.
When I’m writing, I don’t have to worry about anyone else. No one is telling me what to write, or how to write it. I don’t have anyone dictating how I have to treat people, and I don’t have to solve anyone else’s problems. Yes, it’s a bit selfish, but it’s also pure. I get to do my thing on my terms. I get to worry about my own needs, and my own issues. I don’t need to manage down to my subordinates, and I don’t have to manage up to appease my overlords.
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