Why I Write Reason 4: I Like People Who Read

This one is likely to get me branded as a snob, but I don’t care. I like to read, and I like people who read. By this I mean reading books, not social media feeds or mindless clickbait listicles. Real readers tend to be better educated and more informed. Their familiarity with the written word also makes them better communicators. Most readers I have known are well-spoken, and can use proper spelling and punctuation.

You don’t need to read anything in particular. I’m not saying that I only hang with people who read literary fiction, or any particular genre. Read self-help books, for all I care. Read romance novels, or H.P. Lovecraft pastiche, or celebrity biographies. You don’t even need to read my stuff. Read!

The world boils over with willful ignorance. I’m not saying that avid readers can’t be rude, cruel, or downright horrible people; I’m saying that it’s less likely. Readers learn to see things from other perspectives. They develop empathy for people unlike themselves. They get outside the bubble of their own personal experience.

One of the reasons that it write is because it brings me in contact with people who read. It means that people who don’t read aren’t interested in my work, or interested in me. That’s a great filter. The sorts of people that I don’t want to interact with leave me alone. It’s not a motivation for writing, so much as a perk.

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