Why I Write Reason 9: Sweet Revenge

It is well known that I can be a stubborn and ornery individual. You cannot force me to do something that I do not want to do, or, , you can but I’m not going to go easily. You also can’t stop me from doing something that I want to do. If you want to get me going, tell me that I’m destined to fail. Then I’ll go off and succeed just for spite. That’s why I write. Because I was told that I couldn’t make it in the world as a writer. I write for revenge.

Blah blah starving artist. Blah blah people don’t read any more. Blah blah all the bookstores are going out of business, blah blah it’s hard to make money, blah blah blah blah blah. Give up, Berin, and get a real job. You can’t support yourself and your family stringing words together. Especially not by doing that weird silly elfgame nonsense that you do.

There are also the other writers who are more talented than I am. They have an education more relevant to this vocation than I do, and never had a kind word to say about my work. They don’t have my drive, though. They haven’t got the will, the fire, the hunger. Most of them remain unpublished. I outsell, meaning I’m more widely read, than many that got published. It’s coming up on a year now that I’ve paid the bills exclusively with what I earn as a writer. Every book of mine on DriveThruRPG is a best seller. I’d say that qualifies me as a professional writer, even if I’m not a household name.

It gets annoying that I bring those things up so frequently, and yeah, I even annoy myself. But do you know why I do it? Because there are people who beat me over the head with their assessment that I’m destined to fail. That I was foolish to even try. That I should give up, and conform, and do what they think I should do with my life. I ought to stick to what society deems to be safe and normal and acceptable. So yes, I’m going to take every success, no matter how small, and wield it like a baseball bat with nails driven through it. I will wail on the nay-sayers and doom-bringers and harbingers failure. I will bludgeon them with every win that I can muster until they admit that they were wrong. And then I will keep writing.

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