Do You Have A Writing Playlist To Help You Focus?

Do you have a writing playlist to help you focus? I have in the past, but for me it turns into a distraction. Picking out music is a time sink. I write in 45-minute sprints, so I need several blocks of around that length to keep it from becoming repetitive. Listening to the playlist rarely puts me into the correct mood, and often sucks me into the music and away from the work.

Do You Have A Writing Playlist To Help You Focus?

I’m better served listening to something ambient. No abrupt breaks, no major alterations in tempo, and most important of all, no lyrics. Lately I’ve been listening to synthwave. I also like listening to jazz and classical, as long as it’s instrumental.

There have been instances where I’ve created playlists for readers. Those were fun, and I saw them as both a marketing tool and a way to connect with readers. Unfortunately, they never seemed to catch on. No one ever gave me feedback that they actually listened to the playlists, let alone whether they enjoyed them.

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