Writing-Related Tasks As A Break From Writing

What are some writing-related tasks you do when you’re taking a break from writing? I actually have a list of tasks to do when I’m not laying down word count. They’re things associated with the work-in-progress that at the very least keep me in the right mindset. Sometimes they spark inspiration. In either case, they allow me to slide back into writing rather easily.

Writing-Related Tasks As A Break From Writing

  • Review the outline: It helps to remember what I’m writing toward. This prevents concept drift, and ensures continuity. Seeing where I am in relation to the whole story lets me see progress.
  • Revise the outline: When I do have flashes of brilliance that are better than the ideas I’d outlined, I make notes on what I need to go back and change, and how it impacts what’s coming up.
  • Edit: Rereading earlier chapters allows me to maintain a consistent voice. Sometimes it reminds me of details I’d forgotten, so I can continue to use them.
  • Read: There are authors that I read for voice, books that I read to get a feel for the genre or mood I’m shooting for, and non-fiction that I just read for inspiration.
  • Research: I tend to keep notes on things I need to fact check or learn more about. That way I can keep writing and look them up later. When I have the information, I can go back and revise.
  • Touch other projects: All of the items above, but for future or parallel projects rather than the central work-in-progress.

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